UNBOXING The Best Air JORDAN Sneaker Of The Year

hey guys popping Jacques Slade here back with another unboxing and today I have something pretty I'm gonna say it's pretty special for you guys so as you can probably already see by the box that I have here this is not your regular sneaker well it's your regular sneaker but there's something a little different about these as you see there is no Jumpman logo here there is no Nike logo here but there is the air right there which should kind of give you an idea of what this is but then if you look closer you see the X's and you know that those X's stand for something in particular and that's something in particular is cause so I'm very happy very appreciative to the good folks at George Brown let's take a quick moment to say thank you to the good folks over at Jordan Brand who actually sent me these last week and they were a gift as a way of saying congratulations since I ran the New York Marathon for those that don't know actually ran the New York Marathon three hours 45 minutes and 33 seconds by the way my goal was to beat four hours ,cheap jordan 11,so I did that BAM but these are a special gift from Jordan brand as a celebration as a congratulations for that so thank you to them so let's take a look inside and outside the box first first you can see the box it has the COS hands on there but then obviously the big X's which they usually put for the eyes on the COS figurines so you guys already know what's going on there at the black

Unboxing The Air Jordan 3 Pure White

white on white on white on white translucent outsole German and the heel batteries not included hey guys how's it going thanks for tuning into yet another unboxing video here on the sneaker news YouTube channel as you guys know we're gonna show you some air jordan Footwear right here but before we get it to that we'd like to ask you to switch your hands midair stick your tongue out and hit that subscribe button under my wagging finger it's somewhere around there it takes nearly a second to do that and if you already have done it here are some internet points for you there you go great today we're unboxing a pair of bears running 3 retros can you guess what it is of course you already know what it is because our thumbnail already showed you so I'm gonna stop talking and I'm gonna open the box,cheap jordan shoes, you already know what an Air Jordan 3 box looks like so I'm gonna have so here it is this is the Air Jordan 3 nicknamed the pure white not to be confused with the pure money that drops over a decade ago and we're going to touch on that in just a little bit it actually already dropped in China and won't hit us retailers until July 21st of course that data subject to change because these days relief they change just like the wind this is a very clean looking shoe as you can see that you have the all white tumbled leather on the upper with the smooth on the mudguard very standard on Air Jordan threes you have the white on white elephant print . so if you