white on white on white on white translucent outsole German and the heel batteries not included hey guys how’s it going thanks for tuning into yet another unboxing video here on the sneaker news YouTube channel as you guys know we’re gonna show you some air jordan Footwear right here but before we get it to that we’d like to ask you to switch your hands midair stick your tongue out and hit that subscribe button under my wagging finger it’s somewhere around there it takes nearly a second to do that and if you already have done it here are some internet points for you there you go great today we’re unboxing a pair of bears running 3 retros can you guess what it is of course you already know what it is because our thumbnail already showed you so I’m gonna stop talking and I’m gonna open the box,cheap jordan shoes, you already know what an Air Jordan 3 box looks like so I’m gonna have so here it is this is the Air Jordan 3 nicknamed the pure white not to be confused with the pure money that drops over a decade ago and we’re going to touch on that in just a little bit it actually already dropped in China and won’t hit us retailers until July 21st of course that data subject to change because these days relief they change just like the wind this is a very clean looking shoe as you can see that you have the all white tumbled leather on the upper with the smooth on the mudguard very standard on Air Jordan threes you have the white on white elephant print .

so if you take a closer look here at the forefoot you can see some nice detailing on the lace eyelets you have the white towards the bottom and then you kind of go with this opaque icy material and then back to the standard white at the very top a nice clean white Jumpman embroidery if you look at the heel one thing you’ll notice that there is no Nike Air and that’s totally fine because this is not an OG colorway quick turn onto the medial side much of the same very very pleasing tumbled leather you have the flat white leather mud guard and of course again the white on white elephant print a quick shot of the soles translucent icy blue hate it or love it it’s not going away but you know translucent outsole is on the Air Jordan 3 aren’t very common it first came out as a sample in the early 2000s but there’s a little added detail that you might not have seen in the photos and we’re gonna show you if that is indeed the insult so as you can see if you look closely there is some sort of detailed print on the insole it could be elephant print it could be clouds it could be cotton candy who knows but it’s just definitely not like a uniform you can definitely tell .cheap jordans for sale.there is some sort of texture you have the gentleman right at the heel oh yeah that’s out of that the shoes are very very standard pair of Air Jordan threes it does come with a hang tag that is completely clear which is kind of interesting usually the Hang tags have the orange as a nod to the original box but this is clear another shot of the heels not gonna be Nike Air it’s gonna be jump man I see blue soles.

if you are fan of the Jordan 3 not a bad pickup and of course you know 2018 has already been a banner year for the Air Jordan 3 you had releases like the Justin Timberlake pair on the Super Bowl the return of the blacksmith threes you have the Tinker Hatfield version you had the free throw line version and of course you had the Air Jordan 3 sole super rare rumored to be a less than a thousand pairs of those and of course there’s gonna be that charity game pair that’s coming out later this year as well so Jordan Brannon is definitely not done with the Jordan 3 we’re only halfway through the 30th anniversary so there’s definitely more Air Jordan 3 goodness coming out so now that we showed you the shoes you know we’d like to point out that people have been kind of comparing these to the Air Jordan 3 appeared money that was a completely different release that happened in the summer of 2007 and the main differences between the pair money and this version being called a pure white is first and foremost that there’s no silver detailing usually the peer money joints had silver on the lace eyelets over here as well as on the Jumpman and for those of you who can remember the original a pair money had you know a logo right here on the inside flap these .

of course don’t really show all white Air Jordan 3 is not bad on the eyes we don’t expect these to sell out right away very clean for summer we see you know sneaker customizers will probably go go ham on these this is the Air Jordan 3 pure white coming at you July 21st for 190 bucks white on white on white on white translucent outsole jump in and the heel batteries not included so again thanks for watching we hope you learned a little bit something about the Air Jordan 3 pure white today you can find more information about this shoe in many of the links that are right under my finger will catch with the next sneak around boxing hit the subscribe button if you haven’t yet and call your mom