hey guys popping Jacques Slade here back with another unboxing and today I have something pretty I’m gonna say it’s pretty special for you guys so as you can probably already see by the box that I have here this is not your regular sneaker well it’s your regular sneaker but there’s something a little different about these as you see there is no Jumpman logo here there is no Nike logo here but there is the air right there which should kind of give you an idea of what this is but then if you look closer you see the X’s and you know that those X’s stand for something in particular and that’s something in particular is cause so I’m very happy very appreciative to the good folks at George Brown let’s take a quick moment to say thank you to the good folks over at Jordan Brand who actually sent me these last week and they were a gift as a way of saying congratulations since I ran the New York Marathon for those that don’t know actually ran the New York Marathon three hours 45 minutes and 33 seconds by the way my goal was to beat four hours ,cheap jordan 11,so I did that BAM but these are a special gift from Jordan brand as a celebration as a congratulations for that so thank you to them so let’s take a look inside and outside the box first first you can see the box it has the COS hands on there but then obviously the big X’s which they usually put for the eyes on the COS figurines so you guys already know what’s going on there at the black box if it has a little bit of an iridescent feel just a little bit where the the logos are you can see it kind of pops a little bit when you turn it with the light I’m not sure you can capture it there but let’s open up and see what you would actually get inside of this so here you go there’s a note from the creative mind minds of cause and Jordan Brand art meets basketball these two global icons have defined greatness in their respective fields and now come together to deliver a one-of-a-kind collaboration technically this is a two of a kind collaboration but we’ll get into that a little later George Brandt celebrates the iconic Jordan for with premium materials detailed craftsmanship and cause signature causes signature work and then you can see the cause hands there again and then it has cause right there at the bottom very nice detailing,jordan 11 china, I love when sneaker brands put all this sort of detailing into their product it shows that they really care now these also come with a dust bag here as you can see for those that like to keep their sneakers in a dust bag it’s all black has the X’s they’re all black belts basically a matte version of the top of the box instead of the air and the X is being red you can see that they’re all in matte black here a little bit they shine a little bit off of the black the bag is a canvas but then on the back they have some more of the cons cause logos there as well for you to see very nice lace tips looks like these are wax laces and they come with some I would say steel gray lace tips on there as well and yeah very nice very clean if it does I’d like to keep your shoes inside of a dust bag to help help them hopefully keep them longer so they don’t go bad as fast now inside the box we see that they’ve given the paper the treatment as well .

so it has the cause logos there and then the air and then they’ve double wrapped it with tissue there’s double tissue here and oh man look at that oh yeah these are nice oh yeah so as as many of you guys know already I am a big fan of Jordan Brand I love the product specially the earlier signature product that they created from Michael Jordan and so that’s I’ve always been a fan of that and so the Jordan 4 is one of the shoes that I really really like out of the package I had to pick shoes from the early jordan signature line they would be the Jordan one during 3 the Jordan 4 and the Air Jordan 11 those are just the models that I like the most of those for rock either of those for at any time and so when I see them do an upscaled version of those shoes I’m always for it I’m always in 100 so let’s just start off with the materials here it looks like everything on the shoe is leather with the exception of the window here where that is looks like a suede like a nappy suede here and then they repeat the nappy suede here and it actually trails up along the tongue as well all the way to the very tip of the tongue and that’s for both shoes it’s on the inside and on the outside,cheap jordan shoes, so you can see it here on the inside where they have the suede here and it goes up right beneath the wings and then if you look on the outside as well you can see they have the suede here and then right before you get to the toe box comes with the Hang tag which is always a nice touch for those old-school sneaker heads that have that bit of nostalgia the tang tag is always a nice touch and it has the Jordan Jumpman logo there on that side and then when you look on the inside it has the cause with the air so air when you call it air cause.

I don’t know if you call that air cause I don’t know then as far as the rear these tabs are usually plastic but they are leather in this case and they again repeat the same cause logo with the air down there now on the tongue they have the Jumpman logo and that that is leather as well nice very nice touch very nice premium feeling sneaker and then on the inside of the shoes take a look inside here they’ve continued the leather so you have a full leather liner on the inside of these which is a very very nice touch keeps that again keeps that luxury premium feel going all the way through the sneaker which I really like now the in addition to the hang tag and in addition to the heel tab the place where you really see causes influence on the design is on the rest of the upper they have the same logo that we see on the tissue paper and that we saw on the backside of that dustbag you see it stitched into the actual upper of the shoe and there’s a couple of different versions there’s an open hand the closed hand and you see them stitched in so it’s actually stitched in that monotone stitching so you can you can barely see it if you don’t know this is one of those shoes where if you you don’t know what it is it just looks like a regular gray Air Jordan 4 but if you are up on it or if you are a sneaker head you obviously know oh this that’s the cause version of the shoe one you can see by the premium upskilled materials that they’re using but then also you will notice that the detailing the fine detailing of the cause logos then the cause hands that are in the that are in the rest of the upper now earlier and I don’t know when I was reading that note it said a one-of-a-kind one-of-a-kind collaboration that’s technically right .

because it’s the Jordan 4 and the collaboration is happening but this is actually the second cause collaboration that Jordan Brandt has with this shoe they’re actually calling this just black they they actually had a earlier version with the great with a light gray almost like a wolf gray version and that version had glow-in-the-dark out soles and I’m happy to be able to report to you guys that they returned the glow-in-the-dark outsole here as well as you can see now there are some detailing on the outsoles as well they have the cause hams beneath the outsole so right beneath the glow-in-the-dark outsole they have the hands logo you can barely see them you can really see them right here at the mid foot but for the rest of them you kind of just see like the outline of them and then on this shoe on the right shoe it has the same thing you can see the hands again at the mid foot but the rest of the area they’re kind of hidden you can’t see them as clearly and these definitely do glow in the dark another touch just like the small details is this section here the mid foot that covers that goes around the airpot this section is usually a plastic kind of like you see here right here at the mid foot or rubber but they’ve covered it up as well I don’t know if that’s leather that’s covering it up but it’s a material that they use to cover it that makes it feel really really soft so it has a really soft feel and then of course the last thing are the wings and the islands these wings and eyelids are usually plastic for those that have been following these shoes the first sighting of these shoes was back in maybe July when they were rumored to release in 2018 but it looks like as of right now that these are actually going to release on Cyber Monday none of that has been actually confirmed yet but the thought is that they’re gonna be releasing on Cyber Monday so stay tuned for that if you’re looking to grab these the price is going to be three hundred and fifty dollars so again it is an upcharge usually drawing a brand if when they call their premium stuff for the pinnacle stuff they’re charging 400 and this one although they’re not calling it pinnacle it still has that higher price tag at three hundred and fifty dollars so for those that are into the area Jordan for our for those that love causes work these look absolutely fantastic they have wax laces.